Internet Service

The internet service in your accommodation is provided by ASK4, an external company who is a specialist provider to other leading UK Universities.

ASK4 provide the internet connection to your room via a network socket and there is wireless connectivity.

Inclusive within your Queen's Accommodation:

  • Instant broadband, no complicated set-up
  • Dedicated Ethernet connection per bedroom of 50Mb
  • 30Mb Wi-FI (50MB for Willow Walk residents) 
  • Dedicated 24/7 support centre 

Ask4 High Speed Internet

The base package provided by ASK4 included in your residential fees has the following:

  •  A minimum wired internet speed of 50Mb to each room
  •  No download limits or usage charges
  •  Wi-Fi connectivity in all bedrooms and common areas up to 30Mb (50Mb for Willow Walk residents)
  •  Services of 4Connect; this allows up to 6 devices to to registered for use on your account
  •  Free access to 4TV; Freeview and International TV channels to view on your laptop
  •  Gaming support for simultaneous console connections with access to 100 gaming servers and the ability to host tournaments

Once you arrive in Queen's Accommodation you can access service updates, news and information on gaming events from

ASK4 is the first point of contact for any support required with your internet services through their 24 hour helpline.  They can be contacted by telephone, email or text and offer a text 'Help Me' service when ASK4 will call you back.

To contact ASK4 directly please call the support team on:

Technical support - 0845 123 8710

Local number - 0114 303 3232

Text service - 07797 800 545

Enquiries/support -


The ASK4 support team operate happy to help whatever the query may be and will be able to answer any questions you have.

Additional packages can be purchased from ASK4 once you arrive

  • High speed internet of up to 100Mb
  • Sky Sports and other premium channels also available for an extra fee
  • 4Record - Record your favourite programmes with up to 50 hours of recording time with a 7 day storage capacity
  • 4 Backup Remote back up with unlimited storage

For further information visitAsk4

The wired and wireless service in the Treehouse and Lounge is connected to the Queen's University student network and provides a popular facility to study or browse outside of your room.  Equipment to use Skype can be borrowed from the Treehouse reception. 

The printing and photocopying service operates in the same manner as in the McClay Library therefore you will need credit on your Student Smart Card to pay any printing charges.