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University Health Centre at Queen’s

The University Health Centre at Queen’s is a student orientated General Practice situated at the heart of the Queen's campus close to Queen's Elms Village. New students may register with the Practice during Enrolment and Registration. 

If you are a student living away from home, it is recommended by the Health and Social Services Boards to be registered with a GP within 10 miles of your place of residence.  The Health Centre provides not only the complete range of NHS services, but also non-NHS services (i.e. Medical Certificates, Letters, Medical Reports etc), free of charge to registered patients, who are students of Queen’s University.  Both the doctors and nurses have extensive experience in the health needs of young adults and have special expertise in sports and travel medicine, mental health, sexual health, family planning and health promotion. 

If you require more information about registering with a GP, please contact the Health Centre on 02890 664634 or via the website.   We will also be on campus during Welcome Week.



It is likely that you had a MenC vaccination as a young child, but immunity to the disease decreases over time. You are at risk of getting meningitis just after starting university as you will be mixing closely with a lot of new people some of whom may unknowingly carry the meningococcal bacteria.

If you are unsure if you have been immunised, please contact your GP or speak to the University Health Centre.

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The University Health Centre at Queen’s runs a Sexual Health Screening Clinic on a Thursday afternoon from 14.00 – 16.30 for registered patients. Booking is by appointment. 

The service includes:

  • Asymptomatic screening of STI's.
  • Treatment including the provision of information on all STIs.
  • Information on safe sex and STI prevention. 
  • HIV testing including pre and post test counselling.
  • Information on the DELAY programme.
  • Information on local GUM provision.
  • Provision of free condoms and information on a range of contraceptive services, including free pregnancy testing and emergency contraception provision and advice.

The service is run by doctors and nurses who are fully qualified in Sexual Health and is led by Dr Clare Smiley. 

Alternatively you will also find help at a Genito-urinary Medicine clinic which are located across BelfastBelfast GUM Clinics

Help and advice is also available from the Students' Union.

University Health Centre at Queen's
Elmwood Manse
7 Univeristy Terrace
Appointments: 02890 664634
Prescriptions: 02890 664634
Out of Hours: 028 9079 6220