Compliments and Complaints

‌‌compliments and complaints

We pride ourselves on our customer care and would be delighted to hear about your positive experiences while living with us. If there is something we have done well or if a member of staff stood out, please let us know! Email the team on

 ‌   compliments and complaints

Last year, 97% of our residents were satisfied with their experience in Queen’s Accommodation. We hope that you enjoy your experience living with us and you will never have a reason to complain – but if there is something you are not happy with, we would like to put matters right as soon as possible.

Our Commitment

  • We have a positive approach to receiving complaints and we see them as an opportunity to receive feedback on our accommodation and services.
  • We will work towards resolving complaints at the earliest opportunity and all comments are treated confidentially, fairly and consistently.
  • Where possible, we will implement change and make improvements where required.

How to Make a Complaint

The quickest way to resolve your issue is to speak to a member of staff located at Elms Village reception or the Treehouse reception. Alternatively you can contact us by one of the following ways:

  • Talk to Kathryn, our Customer Relations Officer in Elms Village (
  • Email:
  • Phone: 028 9097 4525
  • Facebook: @Queen’s Accommodation
  • Talk to your Residential Assistant
  • Suggestion box at Elms Village reception

If you are a member of the general public, call Elms Village reception on 028 9097 4525 and we will take details of your complaint and help resolve it. You can also contact us by email on

What Happens Next

We will contact you within 48 hours of receiving your complaint to discuss the matter and work with you to find a solution you are happy with. If you remain unhappy with the proposed solution, please complete this form, providing as much information as possible and email the form to

Once the form has been received it will be passed to a member of the Management team who will investigate and respond within five working days. If circumstances mean a full response is likely to take longer, we will inform you of this and keep you informed of the process.


All complaints will be dealt with confidentially, though enquiries may have to be made to investigate the matters that are the subject of the complaint.