Postgraduate students can apply for either a 38, 39 or 51 week contract depending on their needs.  If you need to stay longer than this, please contact us to confirm dates.

  • 38 week contract start date: 16 September 2017 
  • 39 week contract start date:   9 September 2017
  • 51 week contract start date: 23 September 2017 

Willow Walk represents dedicated accommodation ideally suited to the needs of postgraduate students, however, Mount Charles which is centrally located and offers a more independent lifestyle is also popular. For 2017-18 Guthrie House, College Gardens and 76 Malone Road are also fantastic options for Postgraduates.

Returning Postgraduate Students

A returning student is a student who has completed at least one year of study at Queen’s University either as an undergraduate student or a postgraduate student, including those who have changed courses.

Places for returning students will be allocated on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVED basis. This means that you will receive a room offer within 24 hours of applying (Monday - Friday). If all the available rooms have been allocated when you apply, you will be automatically added to a waiting list until you tell us to remove your name.

Allocation of Places

Applications from new postgradate students will open in March 2017, please read our allocation policy here.