What to Bring With You

What To Bring With You

All Queen's Accommodation is furnished.  We provide the following items in your bedroom:

  • Standard single or double bed with mattress
  • Wardrobe with hanging rail and shelving
  • Desk and chair
  • Wastepaper bin
  • Curtains and or other window coverings
  • Desk lighting

 We suggest you bring some items with you to help you settle in:

  • Washing detergent for laundry and dishes
  • Towels and dish drying towels
  • Clothes hangers
  • Crockery including plates, bowls and mugs
  • Cutlery and cooking utensils, including tin opener, bottle opener
  • Pans including a couple of saucepans, frying pan, baking tray
  • Bed linen, including sheets, pillows and duvets or blankets
  • Hairdryer and toiletries

If you do not want to bring bedding and kitchen items with you packs can be ordered before your arrival or purchased when you get here.

The kitchen pack costs £30 and includes: 

1 x White Ceramic Dinner Plate
1 x White Ceramic Side Plate
1 x White Ceramic Cereal Bowl
1 x White Ceramic Mug
1 x Table Knife (Please note: knives will not be included in kitchen packs being sold to students under the age of 18)
1 x Table Fork
1 x Dessert Spoon
1 x Teaspoon
1 x Medium Saucepan
1 x Small Frying Pan
1 x Utensil Set
1 x Can Opener
1 x Vegetable Knife
1 x Oven Tray
1 x Tea Towel
1x Glass

A single bedding pack costs £35 and includes a pillow and pillow cover, duvet and duvet cover, sheet and a mattress protector. A double bedding pack has the same contents and costs £40.

You can order either or both packs on our website when completing your application form. Alternatively you can purchase the packs on your arrival at Elms Village.

If you are bringing any electrical equipment with you please note the following: 

  • Ensure electrical equipment you are bringing is safe and has a rating of less than 1000 Watts
  • Plugs in UK have three pins
  • Adapters can be purchased in the airport or in the shop on the Elms Village site
  • Portable appliance testing (PAT) – we arrange times for you to bring your electrical equipment to be tested for safety
  • Rice cookers are provided in kitchens upon request