How we allocate

How we allocate...

The University provides accommodation to over 2200 students across campus, however, applications for accommodation can outweigh the availability of rooms. We would like to make our allocation process entirely transparent and our Allocation Policy is available to view here. We very much look forward to receiving your application, you can find a summary of the policy below.

  • The majority of accommodation contracts are offered on a 38, 39 (international only) and 51 week basis.
  • Students travelling from outside Northern Ireland are guaranteed accommodation, including students studying a Queen's Foundation Degree.
  • Students who are part of the Queen's Elite Athlete programmes are guaranteed accommodation.
  • Students with disabilities must apply by 1 August 2017 and be registered with the University's Disability Services to be eligible. Once eligible, a guarantee is given to students who, as a result of their disability, are not able to access public transport or travel to/from the University to their home address on a daily basis and may prevent them from attending University.
  • Students living in Northern Ireland are NOT guaranteed accommodation. they are allocated on a distance basis and applications must be received by 1 August 2016. Students will be ranked on the shortest distance between their full address and postcode and Queen's University Belfast (BT7 1NN).
  • A guarantee is given to any student who is leaving care of their local authority, students must apply by 1 August 2017 and provide written supportive evidence from the local authority or Social Health Care to the University’s Widening and Participation Department by 1 August 2017 to be eligible.

Please be aware that students from Northern Ireland who apply after the deadline of 1 August 2017 will be immediately put on a waiting list and cannot be guaranteed accommodation despite their distance.

Please note: we are only able to accept applications for prospective students applying to Queen's University, unfortunately we no longer accept applications for students applying for any other institution.

Dispelling the myth...

  • We do NOT allocate on a first come first served basis
  • We do NOT take into consideration what course you are studying nor your academic record
  • Students from Northern Ireland are allocated by their full address and postcode
  • Information you have not provided us with on your application form cannot be taken into consideration