Frequently Asked Questions

I am planning to attend another higher education institution, am I still eligible for accommodation at Queen's?

No, we only accept applications from prospective Queen's students.

When is the latest date that I can apply for accommodation?

There is no closing date for students coming from outside Northern Ireland. There is a closing date of 1 August 2017 for Northern Ireland students. Applications received after this date will automatically be waitlisted and will be considered on a postcode basis.

When can I move in to my accommodation?

Check-in for students on a 39 week contract (international students) is on Saturday 9 September 2017.

Check-in for students on a 38 week contract is from Saturday 16 September 2017.

Check-in for students on a 51 week contract is from Saturday 23 September 2017.

How long do I get to unload my belongings?

If travelling by car there is parking available on the Elms Village site. In order to minimise traffic congestion you have approximately 30 minutes to unload your vehicle. This restricition is due to the small number of parking spaces around the Elms Village site and the volume of people arriving for check-in.  

Is there a telephone and data point in my room?

Telephones are not provided in Queen's Accommodation, however, wifi is available in your block and there are data points in your room and internet cables are provided. There is an emergency telelphone in each block in Elms Village if you need to contact Reception or Security.

Can I bring a TV?

We provide a TV in all communal areas, however, if you wish to bring a television for your room you will need to purchase a TV licence. If you intend to watch live television via your computer, you will also require a TV licence.  For further information on TV licensing please visit TV Licensing or the Student Section of the TV licensing website. 

Can I bring my car? 

If you have not been allocated a parking permit there is a Pay Per Use car park operating at the Elms Village. Students can park in the two car parks located beside the Elms Village reception building on a pay per use basis – 50p per 24 hours. You must register your car details if you wish to use these car parks by coming to Elms Village reception (you only need to register once), you will be issued with a car park disk to display on your windscreen. 

Is there a supermarket nearby?

There is a Tesco on the Lisburn Road, just 10 minutes walk from the Elms site or 15 minutes from the main campus. The Residential Life team regularly provide transport for shopping trips to larger supermarkets.  

Is there security?

The University Safety team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  

Will a cleaning service be provided? 

The housekeeping staff provide a weekly clean during core teaching times of all communal areas including hallways, stairways, landings and corridors, kitchen/common rooms, communal toilets and showers.   

You can choose to pay for additional cleaning in your room at any time. Please contact the Residential Life staff in the Treehouse to arrange.

Are all my utility bills included? 

The residential fees cover all your utility bills for students living in Elms Village and all the off site houses.. However, if you decide to bring a TV, you will need to purchase a TV licence. 

In Willow Walk, the gas and electricity meters in each apartment have been uploaded with credit which is based on the historic usage for each apartment. This should be sufficient to meet the requirements for the length of the contract. Should you use more than the amount of credit provided, you will be required to pay for the additional cost. In order to avoid having to pay extra cost and to reduce waste we would advise that you use the heating and electricity sensibly. You will be advised of your credit remaining on your meters during the year; at the middle of semester one, the end of semester one and the middle of semester two. If you need to buy gas credit to top up your gas meter, please come in to Elms Village reception 24/7 where gas credit can be bought. Please do not let your gas meter run completely out of credit, if this occurs an engineer is required to reset your boiler and this will delay the speed in which you have access to heat and hot water. If you need to top your electricity meter, you can do so either at the Mace in the Treehouse or the 24/7 BP SPAR garage on the Malone Road. You must take with you the electricity top-up card which will be on top of your electricity key pad upon arrival. 

Will I need to insure my personal possessions?

Contents insurance is provided in all University accommodation through a block insurance scheme.  The current insurer is Endsleigh Insurance Company and you will be issued with a certificate detailing the cover when you check-in.

How far is Elms Village from Queen’s University main campus?

The main campus is only 15 minutes walk from Elms Village. 

Can I transfer to another room? 

Room moves

Room moves are only available after 2 October 2017. If you would like to request a room change please contact a member of the Accommodation team on 028 9097 4403 or You may be put on a waiting list until a suitable room becomes available. 

Room swaps

In all cases, if you agree with another student to swap rooms, this action must be completed formally at Elms Village reception. For health and safety reasons our records must be accurate and all students have a responsibility to keep term-time addresses updated.

Who can I go to for help? 

We have a large team of staff including a team of Residential Life team and Residential Assistants who offer support to you through the year. They will also find appropriate help for you from experienced staff within other support units in Queen's University, whatever the problem.

Do students have to move out over the Christmas and Easter holidays?

If students select a 38, 39 or 51 week contract for accommodation this includes both the Christmas and Easter holidays. This means that students do not have to move out their belongings if they return home for the holidays. All the accommodation is open during the holidays therefore students can come and go as they please.

Can I have a guest to stay?

We recognise that students will have friends/guests to stay with them on occasions, however, HMO and Health and Safety regulations require that you advise us of the dates that your guest is staying so that people can be accounted for if there is an emergency evacuation. 

  • Undergraduate students are allowed to sign in a guest for a maximum of six nights per month.  Guests cannot stay for more than two nights in seven consecutive days.  GB or international students who may require guests to stay for a longer period must call to Elms Village reception and speak to a member of staff.
  • Postgraduates are permitted to have guests stay for the number of days equivalent to 25% of their contract, for example a student on a 38 week contract has the equivalent of 67 nights for a guest to stay. 

You must book guests in by 11pm on the day of their arrival, however, the guest can arrive after this time.  All guests must be over 18 years in age. To read our guest policy in full, please click here

Is the £300 damage deposit included in the residential fees?

The damage deposit is not included in the residential fees.  This amount is held on your accommodation account over the length of your contract.  When you check out of your accommodation your room will be inspected and any damage charges will be agreed with you and deducted from this deposit.  If you have any unpaid charges on your account these will also be deducted and the remainder of the deposit will then be refunded to you.  If you have no damage charges or outstanding charges then the full deposit will be refunded by the same way in which you paid, i.e. if you paid via World Pay online, it will be refunded to you in this way.

What should I do if I have problems paying my fees?

If you have any financial difficulties or queries please call Elms Village Reception between 9:00am-5:00pm Monday-Friday and speak to Louise McGeough on 028 9097 5639. Louise will be able to provide advice or identify sources of financial support available from Queen's University to which you may be entitled.

What should I do if there is a maintenance problem in my room?

All maintenance faults should be reported online as soon as possible.   

Who are my neighbours in my accommodation block/house? 

Follow us on Facebook and join us on the discussion page and forums for each accommodation location to find out who your new neighbours will be. You can also post any queries to our Facebook page.

How do I get my post? 

All mail to include letters and parcels are delivered and stored at Elms Village reception.  Students can check for post at any time by bringing some photographic ID to reception.  If it is a parcel you are expecting, we will receive it from the courier and log the parcel on our electronic post system.  Once your item is ready for collection you will receive an email from the Accommodation team to advise you that it is awaiting collection.  It is important that you check for any letter post on a regular basis.  Any post not collected after 4 weeks will be returned to sender.

If you know someone is sending you post, or if you are ordering items to be delivered, please make sure your full name (as shown on your student card) is spelt correctly and your student number are both clearly marked as well as your block and room number i.e. Miss A. N. Other (student number), Ash Avenue 4, Room 201, Elms Village, 78 Malone Road, Belfast BT9 5BW.

When do I check out of my room? 

The check out date for students living in accommodation in 2016/17 (on a 38 and 39 week contract) will be Saturday 10 June 2017.  You need to vacate your room and return your key and/ or key fob to Elms Village Reception by 12 noon on this date. Students on a 50 week contract must vacate their room by 16 September 2017.

When leaving your accommodation please ensure the room is cleaned thoroughly.  Windows and doors should be securely locked.  Kitchens and common rooms should be left clean and tidy and all food and personal items removed and bins put out for collection.

More information on preparing for check-out procedures will be provided from 1 May 2017.

Requesting Release from your Accommodation Contract

The accommodation contract is not a tenancy and does not have a break clause or notice period allowing you to end the contract before the end date. The accommodation contract commits you to your room and you are responsible for the residential fees for the duration of your contract.  If you decide to leave your room, you will still be liable for the fees until another student, who is not currently in contract with Queen’s Accommodation, takes up the room, the occurrence of which becomes more difficult later in the year. It is your responsibility to find another Queen’s student to move into your room as we do not always have students on a waiting list. In all cases, you must speak with the Accommodation Manager and complete an accommodation release form for your request to be considered.