Allocation Policy

Applications are welcomed from Undergraduate and Postgraduate students studying on a full time basis at Queen’s University Belfast in the 2017-18 academic year.

Length of contract – the majority of accommodation contracts are offered on a 38, 39 (International students only), or 51 week basis. A number of short term contacts are available for nursing students and for Erasmus/ Study Abroad students who are studying at Queen’s on a one semester basis.

Guarantees - The following students are guaranteed a place in University accommodation. 

i)          Applications from students living outside Northern Ireland studying at Queen's University Belfast including Queen's Foundation Degrees.

ii)         Elite Athlete Programme (EAP) – A guarantee is given to any student who has been offered the EAP award.

iii)        Disabled Students - Students must apply by 1 August 2017 and register with the University’s Disability Services to be eligible. Once eligible, a guarantee is given to students who, as a result of their disability, are not able to access public transport or travel to/from the University to their home address on a daily basis and may prevent them from attending University.

iv)         Care Leavers – A guarantee is given to any student who is leaving care of their local authority, students must apply by 1 August 2017 and provide written supportive evidence from the local authority or Social Health Care to the University’s Widening and Participation Department by 1 August 2017 to be eligible.

Any student who is allocated a room and who subsequently declines their offer of a place to study at Queen’s, or moves to another educational institution, will forfeit their room even if the student has entered into a contract. It is the responsibility of the student to inform the accommodation office of this change.

New Students – entering onto the first year of a course

The Accommodation Application Process - Applications can be made online from March 2017, for the September 2017 intake.

Students from Northern Ireland must apply by 1 August 2017 for their application to be considered. Applications received after this date will automatically be waitlisted and will be considered on a postcode basis.

The Accommodation Allocation Process - All rooms are allocated on the basis of distance, those living furthest away will be offered a place first.

  •  Students from outside of Northern Ireland who make Queen’s their firm choice (UF and CF) by 25 July 2017 will be sent an offer of a room as soon as they apply for accommodation.


  • All other students will be allocated accommodation when they have been accepted onto a course at Queen’s University Belfast, for example, your status at the time of allocation must be unconditional firm (UF).


  • For Northern Ireland students, allocations will commence on Monday 21 August 2017 and rooms will be offered on the basis of distance, from your home postcode to Queen’s University BT7 1NN.

Nursing Students

Nursing and Midwifery students are required to spend time out on placement throughout their degree course. To facilitate this, a limited number of rooms are available on a short term rental basis (7-8 weeks). Priority for the allocation of these rooms will be given to first year students and on a distance (postcode) basis.

Nursing and Midwifery students are welcome to apply for a room on a 38, or 51 week contract and will be allocated in line with the policy for all other students.

Returners -  Accommodation for Undergraduate and Postgraduates who are not in their first year of study at Queen’s

The University has a limited number of rooms  suitable for returning students who wish to live in University managed accommodation.  Applications can be made from March 2017, and rooms will be allocated on a first come first serve basis. Returning students can apply for accommodation as a group and will be allocated together to one property if available, more information can be found by contacting the accommodation office.

In the case of over demand, students who have not been successful in obtaining accommodation will be placed on a waiting list until suitable accommodation becomes available.

Accommodation for Students with Partner or Family

The University has a wide range of accommodation suitable for students with a partner or with family, due to demand for this type of accommodation, early applications are advised. 

The accommodation is subject to availability at the time of booking and applications should be made directly with the Accommodation Office,